Chaz Bingham

I'm a good southern boy that enjoys making women look and feel beautiful. I've been a Hairstylist for 8 years and National Cosmetics Educator for 7 years for a leading company in the industry. I enjoy teaching women how to apply their makeup, style their hair and all the while suggesting outfits and accessories. These are all the tools that make you look the part. I've worked with business professionals to portray their personality through fashion for their billboard or brochures, and worked with professional sports cheerleaders to develop a successful calendar. Also, I've helped girls through their Sorority Rush in college, and styled socialites for the party of the year. I have a portfolio that ranges from bridal to editorial, not excluding the everyday woman. It's all about dressing with a purpose and knowing your audience. I can interprate your message through your personal image. I've also found a love for weddings. It's such an important day in a woman's life and I love being there to help you make the right style choices. You'll remember me by my southern drawl and unexpected wit. But ultimately, you'll remember the experience of feeling beautiful, powerful and prepared. "Conquer the world, be prepared, be beautiful."

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What my clients say

Chaz does excellent work!

"Chaz does excellent work! Not only is he talented, but I always knew I could trust him to give an honest opinion about which direction to go with my style. Whether it was my everyday hairstyle or what to do for my wedding. Chaz did amazing work for my wedding day; it was beautiful!! I got so many compliments. Pictures of the hair style were even put in a bridal magazine! I'll reiterated,though that what I valued most about going to Chaz was his honest opinion and eye for individual style. It's hard to find a stylist that will tell you the truth about your hair and disagree with ideas you may think will look good but really aren't going to work. Chaz knows what works, he will tell you, and he will execute it beautifully."


~ Ashley Wood